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Land Clearing

April 08th, 2015
As cities and municipalities expand and change, the clearing of land becomes the first stage of preparation for new roads, communities and buildings.

Trees are removed, stumps are pulled out and removed, swamps are drained and filled and a host of other land clearing functions occurs.

Today a primary emphasis is placed on environmentally sound practices when a land clearing Service Company moves into action. Care is taken in planning and decisions are made in regard to water flow, earth movement and plant and tree conservation where possible.

The clearing of land has undergone a good deal of change over the years. It used to be common for a land clearing service to use what is commonly called slash and burn techniques. A more modern term could be stated as bulldoze and burn.

Either way, the process was begun by cutting down trees either by using chainsaws, or bulldozers, then burning the remaining limbs, trunks and debris. Of course burning with fires is not environmentally safe and bulldozing removes the topsoil and encourages erosion.

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