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Welcome to Chaglano Enterprises Ltd

CHAGLANO ENTERPRISES LIMITED A market leader in the housing and construction business sector, is a professional service provider incorporated under the companies Act (Cap 486) of the laws of Kenya.

We have completed construction services of high-profile projects in the South Rift region of Kenya. The company's innovative engineering capabilities, advanced construction technologies and consistency in delivering assignments on or ahead of schedule and budget have earned recognition from private and public clients.

CHAGLANO ENTERPRISES LIMITED has the capabilities and resources to implement industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential building construction for both the private and public sectors. Development capabilities and services range from promotion, planning, design, financing, procurement and construction, to BOT and PFI ventures.

Attesting to the company's successful performance record is an impressive project portfolio that covers the spectrum from large-scale housing projects, hospitals, medical centers, hotels and tourist related ventures.

Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive and affordable construction services to meet our clientele needs in a personalized and efficient manner while exceeding all expectations.


Our vision is to be a world class service provider and the market leader in construction services in Kenya and East African region.

Our Awesome Team
This is the team that steers Chaglano Enterprises Limited
Mr. Charles Langat
Mr. Charles is the founder and Director of Chaglano Enterprises Limited. He is the driving force behind this fast rising construction giant. His visionary leadership has grown Chaglano Enterprises Limited to the market leader it is today in the South Rift region of Kenya.
Andrew Guttoh
Technical Manager
Mr. Andrew Guttoh is the Technical Manager of Chaglano Enterprises Limited. He Oversees the carrying out of the daily operations of the company with a special bias for field operations.

Road Paving

April 08th, 2015
Chaglano Enterprises Ltd combines experienced project leaders and hard-working crews with precise equipment to consistently deliver superior concrete paving services to customers in public and private sectors.

Land Clearing

April 08th, 2015
As cities and municipalities expand and change, the clearing of land becomes the first stage of preparation for new roads, communities and buildings.

Road Maintenance

April 08th, 2015

We at Chaglano Enterprises Ltd aim to provide a high standard of quality road surfaces for each client's requirements and budget.

Bridge Construction

December 01st, 2015

We construct the strongest and sturdiest bridges using the best state of the art equipment and materials the industry has to offer.

Road Construction

April 08th, 2015

Gravel road construction can be done anytime on any surface, a smooth, long-lasting gravel roadway or driveway requires the right process.

Water Treatment

April 08th, 2015

 We supply fresh water for your drilling needs and likewise remove waste water for treatment and recycling at our own treatment plant.

Kerbing & Drainage

April 08th, 2015

Before having your road resurfaced you should give good consideration to drainage. Drainage is the number one aspect of any road having longevity.

House Construction

April 08th, 2015

Chaglano Enterprises Ltd is a full service general contracting/construction management firm.

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